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What Are Some Benefits?

Pregnant woman with ultrasound pics Help maintain good health throughout the pregnancy – if the nervous system is healthy and operating properly, the organs, tissues, and everything in the body operates at an optimal level.

In pregnancy, we look at everything – from how your muscles are activating to ensure you’re not at a greater risk of injury, to if your hormones are being properly regulated. Adjustments also help with mental stress reduction by relaxing the mom-to-be and taking pressure off her spine.

Help control morning sickness – usually results from hormonal fluctuations, but can worsen when vertebrae in the cervical vertebrae are misaligned. This area is directly related to the lower brain stem, which controls vomiting. By keeping pressure off this area, the body is better able to regulate the reflex.

Relieve back, neck, and joint pain – carrying around the extra weight of the baby puts Mom’s skeletal system under duress. The spine moves out of alignment, putting pressure on nerves and muscles. Adjustment realigns the body, relieving pain.

Shorten labor and delivery – has to deal with how well the pelvis moves and opens up. Making sure the sacrum and pelvis are moving properly significantly reduces the possibility of the baby getting stuck or slowed down in the birth canal. Using the Webster Technique helps ensure the baby is in the proper position before delivery. No breech position or arm over the head eases the labor and delivery process.

Pregnant mom stretching

Tools and Techniques

We use a combination of techniques based on what stage the pregnancy is in, what Mom is able to do, and her comfort. The Webster Technique is a specialized method designed for pregnancy that relieves any additional strain on the uterus as it grows. Dr. Carroll also uses Diversified in early stages, switching to Thompson Drop and Activator® as the pregnancy progresses.

He may also prescribe at-home routines like pregnancy Pilates, pelvic floor stabilizing exercises, and yoga ball work. Our moms-to-be regularly report back to us that chiropractic makes them a lot more comfortable during their pregnancy.

little girl with head on moms pregnant belly

After the Baby Is Here

Chiropractic care is important for moms during the postpartum stage. After the trauma of delivery, new stress is introduced. This can be caused by carrying the baby around, in your arms or a carrier, increased breast size, upper back and neck strain from constantly looking down, lack of sleep, and more. Continued adjustments help keep your spine healthy and in balance.

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